Trinity Road as it stands now started in 2013 with just Paul and Calida as original band members.

Simon joined in 2014 and Daniel joined us in early 2016.



Born in the 80’s Calida just wants to be an 80’s rock star – or Kirstie Allsop; either will do. Calida has been singing since a young age and ventured into amateur theatre in her teens. Trained as a Theatre Designer Calida spent a few years doing this (and TV productions) before training as a Teacher. Now she teaches Design and Technology by day and loves to belt out tunes at night. Hobbies include riding her bike (a Suzuki SV 650 if you’re interested) ; watching MotoGP  and building her business Beams and Bobbins.



Paul is the founding member of Trinity Road and considered manager / accountant / big boss man. Born and brought up in Suffolk, Paul is an Ipswich Town fan since the days they were good (a long time ago). He has an eclectic taste in music, likes a lot of classic rock (AC/DC, Metallica) but will admit to liking cheesy pop music as well and yes – the Taylor Swift songs were his suggestions!! His favourite guitarists Slash and Angus Young. In his spare time Paul wears lycra and likes to run.

(ok he’s a keen cyclist)



Simon’s originally from daaaaaan saaaarf and currently Teaches I.T and Computing which is ironic since he’s called Mr Dell!! He’s a full on metal head and has been in other metal/rock bands in the past – even getting airtime on the radio! In his spare time Simon loves the great outdoors and programming (Si loves Pi!); and of course beer…festival/outdoor gigs are his fave.  You’ll catch Si wearing hats. All the time.



Youngest in the group but with the oldest/cheesiest taste in music (seriously Dan….no ones gonna appreciate Billy Ocean). Dan loves 80’s music and has been playing Bass since he was a wee nipper which drives poor Momma Beard a little bit nuts; Papa Beard built him a shed but that didn’t really work out cos music’s made to be heard not hidden Mama Beard! Currently Dan is studying Sound Engineering at College.